Hi, wonderful people, my name is Menna and first of all I am new to the blogging world so forgive me for any messing you see right now, the whole idea came to me by posting  on Instagram Quotes and little personal pieces of writing of me and then thinking of making it big, my passion lies in art mainly as I am a big fan of everything relates to art from writing, painting, designing to music. simply I see them the  elixir of life.

So am gonna share with you, my own piece of writing about anything in life that will make our life a little better, as well as anything that radiates positivity as I am a huge fan of this word and want the whole word to get out of this negativity which has been surrounded our lives recently.

Here, It will be a platform for any piece of positive thing you can ever imagine. apart that I come from an eastern culture so will be sharing and teaching you some good Arabic words and culture as well and don’t worry it’s all free! so follow me kindly and I guarantee you that you won’t regret it. thanks in advance.