Face Your Fears

Your Fear will go away once you put yourself out there I keep repeating the 5 truths from the book of feel the fear and do it anyway whenever am going through a new attempt in my life, for me, they have been like a spell to protect myself whenever I go through any new … More Face Your Fears

Daily Quote

If you have the ability to love….Love yourself first! You are worthy of your own love and sympathy….take care of yourself and don’t wait for someone’else to take care of you.Appreciate yourself and believe in your abilities as you deserve all the best.

4 seasons

Your whole life is not going to be always Spring, make sure of that……At some point of your life, you are going to experience the four seasons in just one day  🙂 You will burn by the heat of failures, then you will be frozen in the frost of loneliness and you will fall into … More 4 seasons

Never Walk on The Drawing Line

Be different, Embrace your uniqueness, DON’T EVER BE ASHAMED OF WHO YOU ARE, Don’t be afraid to WALK against the wind. DON’T afraid to be alone,  Make your voice heard.    “Different is good. When someone tells you that you are different, smile and hold your head up and be proud.   Anglina Jolie