Change Your Thinking


I’ve gone through a struggle that I gave up everything I wanted to do in my life and I continued with that feeling till the last few days in December 2016 until I came up with the Decision of changing myself in 2017 to a better and a new version of me. I wondered How can I let those years passing with no progress in my life ? How can I be so mean to myself seeing my age is growing while I am standing still….I have always looked for the reasons that hold me back and leaving me inadequate to take part in anything I WANT……until I came across a great book by “Brian Tracy” change your thinking, change your life…and I figured out what was my case? it was me the issue, the negative and destructive thoughts that I carried within that hold me and as a result, nothing changes in my life as I’ve always faced it with the same old patterns.

                                 Change Your Thinking

I learned from my little recovery experience in order to change your world, you have got to start with yourself first,

our greatest lies not so much in being able to remake our world but in being able to remake ourselves………Gandhi 

If you change the way you think, the way you feel, the actions you take in your life will change also.

If you insisted on changing your outer world and that what I used to do without changing yourself, you will end up with nothing at all.

our life is made up of mini self-concepts that determine how we think, feel and act in our life and we have a self-concept for every area in our life, for example, we have a self-concept for our health and how healthy and fit we are, a self-concept for our financial status, a self-concept for how popular we are amongst our relatives, friends, coworkers and others, a self-concept for how great you are at doing your work…etc

as you can see we are literally made up of many self-concepts for every area in our life, so in order to get better in a specific area in your life you have to change the self-concept of it and your beliefs about that area. the good news that your beliefs are mainly based on information you have gathered through your childhood and have been accepted as reality….they ARE not Facts and so you can change them…..There is nothing worse on earth than holding self-limiting beliefs about yourself due to false information you adopted before.

I was my biggest enemy for doing so to myself as I have grown up and I didn’t realize how destructive I was to myself not believing in my abilities, limiting my potential and standing paralyzed….The best way to get rid of your self-limiting beliefs by challenging Yourself to unleash your hidden potential, I always dream of being a cabin crew, a writer, an artist and a fashion designer….everyone around was telling me how talented you are but I HAVE Never believed them as I HAD no belief in myself, though, once I let it go at the beginning of this month which I will call it my lucky month, everything changes and am going to start my work as a cabin crew member by the end of January.

                                             How I DID THIS?

By building a good imagination for what I really wanted to have in my life. it is simple but it is miraculous…..Imagine that you have no limitations in your life that you are able to be, do and have anything you want…..Imagine you are free and nothing fears you as you were born unafraid…..Imagine of having your dream job…..Imagine of having a better place you live in…..Imagine of having an exquisite lifestyle…...Imagine that you are powerful, doing so, you will be changing your whole life for good I have started with seeing myself as a cabin crew and it happened! I am now a cabin crew 🙂 move on to imagine my other roles for being a writer, an artist and a fashion designer…before going to sleep, I set about 10 minutes to browse cabin crew pictures with their beautiful and elegant uniform with hearing in the background my favorite soundtrack for THE Dark Night Rises 🙂 and then go to sleep with it.

        Now it’s your turn to let your imagination shapes your destiny.


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