Daria’s diary, How can you get over your fears?


Have you ever conquered Fear, my grandma? 

Grandma: Oh ma petite Daria,listen to me, Fear is an inner feeling which has born with us, although it’s  important to alert us from danger, but sadly we have turned to more than just a feeling we have deformed its use and became our prison which can vary from fear of change, fear of success/failure, fear of losing our jobs/our loved ones to fear of unknown and the list goes on…so for your question sweetheart yes, it conquered me once but never showed again in my life.

Daria: Oh my grandma, I am sure you did you are the strongest lady I have ever met….and I wonder how can fear dare to stop you once, can you show me how did you do it, please? What have you done to let your fear run away?

Grandma: haha my lovely, you know me 😉 the way of diminishing my fears were simpler than anyone expected to be even me at first I thought it has to be more complicated than this but It is not, the good news that the cure of your fear is within you….it’s simple and miraculous. People sometimes wonder how the cure of their fear is that simple to the extent that they didn’t notice it at all. But yeah it is simple!

“Fear is the real enemy of humankind”

My grandma’s secret that made her fear gone with the wind.

Fear is not an external force ruled by someone outside to destroy our life…..Fear is mainly made of us, of our misfortune experiences and stumbling throughout the years so it’s varied from someone to another but everyone on this planet Daria has experienced fear at some point in their lives; from Presidents, CEOs, Celebrities, Musicians, and Politicians but what makes them different and recognizable than the ones who got trapped that they have chosen to face their fears, trust their abilities and have confidence within, transferring themselves from a position of pain to a position of power and never let anything to stop them from reaching their dreams.

My life became different when I realized how can we make ourselves afraid of nothing and cope with that lie and let it torture us apart….I was terrible, I had the full responsibility of ruining my life, I admit it but it was too late to realize that…I was always afraid of the unknown, tend to see the bad and expected to happen.

*My mom had cancer, Do you know why does that happen too?I was always afraid to lose my mother, thinking daily what if she had a serious illness; however, she was in a good health. I retreated from life, kept myself in a cage, blaming everyone around me for what was going on with me then went into depression as a matter of escaping what happened.

Then, my mom was about to make a serious surgery so I had to gather my composure to be with her, at that time everything changed for me, when she was approaching to go into the operation room; The doctor told her: Don’t be afraid ma’am; you’re going to be okay, Her response was: No, I am not! I am ready to beat it!

She was ready to face her fear to die.she had no choice either to give up or to give in. she listened to herself as she has programmed her mind to conquer it, trusted her abilities that she could survive it and then she did it, she had never used the word what if? She was assured she can do it, she will handle it! Her surgery went so well and she becomes much better as she was known that if she gave up for a second for her fears to dwell, she would lose her battle with life.

We Make The Decision For Changing Our Life When We Were Hit With A Disaster!

So my way of facing my fears; every time I felt fear is coming towards me, plays mom’s story in front of me with getting a sip of spiced black pepper….to stress my feeling of bitterness to remember myself that this is the exact taste of letting fear taking over my life. I am taking with me my pepper everywhere I go.

We can’t escape fear as it’s appeared to us every time we are encountering new challenges or adventures in life. You can’t change the facts; everybody around the world had the same epidemic as you once in their life…..What can we do?




What makes you afraid most? Is what you badly desire in life 😉 Be Bold, Face Your Fear and DO it.

The Cure Is Within You

You can face your fear and get through it or Let your fears bury you alive it’s your choice!Note to yourself, fear won’t go anywhere it’s within you so you can run away from it forever.

“What we fear comes to pass more speedily than what we hope”

Publilius Syrus

Don’t fall into the trap of fears and watch what you are saying to yourself! Remove the word “what if” “why me” “ I can’t handle” from your life’s dictionary as you will be living in a big lie with it, every time you felt the urge say instead I can do it! I will handle it! it happens to everyone! And lastly I will face my fear and make a go out of it, it will pass easily that you have put into your mind rather than you will be surprised with the confidence you have gained from trusting your abilities to do it.




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