Do you think your time is over?

Do you think you are a total failure? Do you think you have lost it all? Do you think you are too old to change your life? anyone who experienced failure at any stage of their life knew these questions by heart.

  • If you just take a look around, you will find the world stuffed with great figures, who narrated their successful stories and documented for us to be our guide to enlighten your life in our darkest moments. They are real humans, just like you, and maybe you are in a good condition than them, they have proved that success is timeless, it has no expiration date, but we are the one who tends to put an end for our life.There are lots of successful people from their mid 20th to late 60th who changed not just their destiny but the world’s destiny as well.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees as well as success”

 Your success is an incarnation of your existence on earth, but it is not that easy, it needs Persistence, Patience, Hard Work and your Devotion and above all a strong belief that you can do it,that your dreams are so valid.

So, I intended to share with you a series of success stories, its content will be presented more like episodes; it will be under the category of:

Will your success story be the torch of light for us one day?

At our first episode will be hosting someone who’s recognized as a well-known figure in the world, who built franchise at a later age and proved that success can come at any age. Connect the dots and follow our article to the end to find out our first guest? 😉

  •  He was an old man, running a restaurant popular with his secret chicken recipe, by the age of 65 he retired with a security check of almost $105 to make his ends meet. He didn’t accept to continue his life with that check, waiting to rest in peace. he was an old man above all, who can imagine someone at his age to build an empire, his life took a new direction and he’d been recognized as a world-known figure who built his own franchise in 115 countries around the world….whether you like it or not, but I am sure you have once tasted his delicious chicken or passed by his famous logo sign.Let’s dig more to find out Mr. Who…..?

His early days/life:

From running a restaurant and making a delicious dish, we can think of him as a cooker maybe. You might be saying he was a professional cook, he went into cooking school and he was born with a talent……you are wrong! He had a terrible childhood, at the age of 6, he lost his father suddenly, he found himself responsible for looking after his siblings and his mother who went to work to help her family survived. He went to work also to help his mother along with babysitting his siblings in the absence of their mother as he was the oldest one, he was used to feeding them….so you can say his passion with making delicious food started from here.He dropped out from school in the seventh grade. After his mother remarried, he didn’t get along with his stepfather so he left the house, wandering from job to job as he ran several odd occupations from selling insurance, tires, making lighting system to operating a ferry boat. 

The beginning of his adventure:

He began at a service station in his local area, by serving southern dishes to travelers who passed by his place, the location helped him to grow enormously as he made a name for him since he took advantage of the station and rebuilt it after a fire broke out at the place,he converted to a full restaurant, then he started introducing his genius chicken recipe which contains 11 herbs and spices who made him popular in his area, that the mayor of his area nominated him to a colonel title. Yes, he made a delicious chicken that can’t be resisted by anyone.


His turning point:

  • His business was going so well till he was hit with a blow as there was a construction of interstate had been completed that made his restaurant out of sight which led to decrease in the number of customers who passed by his place, he found himself with debt, he was forced to sell the place to pay his debts, once again, he was 66 years old, broke with his only security check of $105.

  • Life is full of surprises, you may have thought you won a round but the battle is still on. If you are not able to maneuver with life and holding your composure to get back on track faster. The train of life will go without you….no one will wait for you, you will end up alone.

  • Our guest didn’t give up rather he saw as a blessing in disguise, he hit the road, travelling across his local area packed with his secret herbs, spices, and his cooking pressure, trying to promote for his delicious chicken by himself as he was going to restaurant, making his famous chicken recipe to get them live experience, close sources mentioned that his recipe turned down for at least 1009 times before hearing his first Yes will make a deal with you!He made his first deal in a return for each chicken piece sold, he would get a nickel $4…..from that deal, he went popular that he had more than 600 restaurants in US and Canada selling his famous chicken recipe, he made his franchise well known in the whole world, he died and leaving a Brand, a Symbol who would never die…..

So, now, by hearing the story of an old man who challenged his age and proved to the whole world that Age is just a number and success can come at any time of life with persistence and dedication. You are just too young to change your life and be like Colonel Harland Sanders,who m13346227_1046601695433130_1236541294923460830_oade the franchise of Kentucky Fried Chicken.



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