Know your enemy…Resist…The Black Swan in you!

Sometimes your enemy can be a single word or an action that you say or do it to yourself. Yes, it can be you and what is worst of being your biggest enemy. Everyone of us in this life has a call, our reason for being here. Whenever this call is reaching you, there’s something inside you called resistance will be doing its best to not let you take it………It will use everything you can ever imagine working against you, it can make allies with whom around you to make it difficult for you to have this call.

So be cautious, any decision or change you are about to make in order to improve your life, it will be facing the enemy within you, sadly, we help it to grow inside us the minute we let it to invade our thinking, to be part of our personality and we became a hostage for it.

Some people, unfortunately, have spent all their life struggling with their own resistance and died before figuring out that they were battling with themselves. Yes, it may be you. Have you ever watched the movie of the black swan? If you watch it before, you can imagine that another evil face of you who wants to unleash hell all over your life, it’s exactly the same as the power of resistance who wants to drag you down and distract your attention whenever sees you taking a step forward into your call.

Don’t let it be, once you enter the dark side of you, you’re doomed. No progress, No life. You will be living dead and what’s worse in life than seeing it passing in front of you without having the ability to do anything about it.

We have brought to this universe to invent, create, build and make the world a better place, we are not here to be miserable or sad, it’s our choice to be either a human being who is literally alive or one who pretends to be alive.

The universe is waiting for your inventions, creations, and your own contributions, you are here to add value,remember this. The world is waiting for the white swan, not the black one, there are already lots of devils, who ruined our world, so please be gentle with yourself and don’t leave it to your dark side. Don’t blame the circumstances,any hazards or difficulty you had ever faced that have shifted and changed your direction towards your dream and turn it you to be that coward who gave up to his own resistance who keeps telling you that YOU CAN’T, YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO DO IT, YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENGOUH, YOU ARE A LOSER and the list goes on.

Free yourself from it, it’s Never too late to start again, Never too late to back to square one and rebuild your whole life again…Do it now, don’t say I am going to start tomorrow and put these simple words in front of you.

The only one standing in your way is you


Resistance is your biggest enemy which was born with you and waiting for any moment you take the decision to go after your call to be awakened to stop you.

Imagine this photo for a moment and tell me where your imagination took youFor me, she had her illusions that she can’t make it, she is not going to be perfect for the show, she was haunted by the black swan, by her devastating thoughts, by her resistance who did everything it could to convince her to stop as she is not good for it, but once she has its moment of success, of seeing her perfection. She did it, she got her call, she won above all, she killed her resistance,she killed the black swan in her.

Go after your call and tell your resistance that this is your fate!this is why you are here.

Tell me in the comments below your own description of the photo.

And I recommend for anyone who didn’t watch that movie go and watch it,you won’t regret it I promise, it’s one of the greatest movies that should be on your list 😉 

hope you like it.


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