What have you learned from life so far? lessons learned :)

I learned from life the following,

  • I learned that never look back, just by looking back, will you compensate what you  lost? You know the answer already “no”, but instead, you will give your soul and your whole body the permission to be haunted with negative thoughts and non-endless series of regrets and drama. You will miss a lot of things grieving over something will never be back again, yes it will never come back again. Accept that and let it go.

  • I learned that the things I have lost were not good for me or I wasn’t ready yet to have it, but I can see one thing only that I still wake up, I am alive and I am able to breathe so I have another chance calling for me somewhere. So, get up, stand on my own feet and go get it, it’s totally mine, it’s my chance, a chance that will change my whole life. I will never give up the life I deserve to have.

  • I learned that nothing should be called “Loss” because everything you got through it, it was meant to happen and it was a test for you to leave something in you which taught you to be more strong, evolved and improved.

    Mark those words,

You won’t learn without pain.


So memorize the lesson very well and work on your weaknesses so next time they will act as a windshield to protect you from another attack as they have memorized the lesson very well and have summoned to support you.

  • I learned to love myself unconditionally, and never settle for less because I deserve the best and nothing less than the best.



  • I learned to be grateful to God, as when I look around and see someone with a disability or special need, and how incredible they are as they have managed to conquer and challenge themselves and others with their unlimited power that has been manifested from their strength and perseverance. In the face of all the difficulties they have met, they did it by standing strong  they have succeeded in creating their own destiny and they have become symbolic for many to take their steps and you should be one of those who look up to them. They have conquered the most hardship you can ever imagine which is to be born in half capacity…yes, I was like you I was ashamed of myself to be with full health and body and yet can mourn and cry over the spilled milk waiting that everything will be fixed one day.

 Take it from me, never wait for the perfect moment to come, but crawl to it and      make your own path, how awesome the word opportunity it sounds, but sometimes we struggle to find the best one so how about creating it for ourselves? sounds great though. 

Write your destiny and keep moving the way you choose, have a deep belief inside you and follow your instinct which will be your guardian angel to enlighten your way and make it possible for you, and remember to stay focused and strong above all as life is not meant to be easy mate, life is tough so as you are.

I can say that’s what life has taught me so far. Let’s hear from you, what you have learned from life so far in the comments section and remember with your words, you can be the source of inspiration for someone out there so spread the word. 



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